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iMessage is the best messaging app for iOS devices, and it had many excellent features to send Messages. iMessage works with an iOS device and Mac devices only. It does not support windows devices or any other non-apple products. Most of are searching how to use iMessage on windows pc. There some tricks which you can try to get iMessage on PC without using an iOS device. Let's see how to send iMessage from pc.

Before starting this works, There are no such official methods to send iMessage from pc. Therefore this method uses some third-party tools to send iMessage from pc. If you are a windows user, this might helps to send iMessage from your Pc.

In this method, we will send iMessage from the PC by using remote access. Therefore, you need Mac and Windows pc. You can follow this guide.


Step 1: Turn on both Mac and Windows Pc.

Step 2: log in to windows pc and install google chrome web browser.

Step 3: Now from that google chrome, search "chrome remote desktop" extension to the browser.

Step 4: Log in to Mac and install google chrome and install "chrome remote desktop" extension to chrome.

Step 5: Open the chrome remote desktop in Mac, You will get a 12 digits code and save it.

Step 6: Log in to Windows Pc and open "chrome remote desktop." Then it will ask 12 digits code; you can input where you got from Mac.


Once you entered that code, you will have full access to Mac. Then you can able to send iMessage from a windows computer.For this method, your mac and windows pc must turn on, and both should have an internet connection. I hope this method helps to send iMessage from windows pc.

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